Googlebot cannot “see” graphics… it “sees” in braille

all of the glitzy graphics in the world have ZERO impact on Google ranking… you’re firing blank ammo

Google can’t see them.

< insert pic of view source code to illustrate what Googlebot “sees”>

There are no humans running Google… it’s “run” by a mathematical algorithm.. artificial intelligence

paying for a visually upgraded website is like
upgrading from a Corvette to a Ferrari… looks real
good sitting there in the parking lot

… without text articles, there is no driver

that Ferrari isn’t going any faster than the Chevy
Vega or Pinto did.. if it doesn’t have a driver behind
the wheel.

Text articles/ NOT sales copy is the only means of moving up in rank in Google.

Once the algorithm deems YOUR website to be THE AUTHORITY in your genre IN YOUR GEOGRAPHICAL AREA.. now we have the opportunity to craft prose to attract a human

We don’t have to pay twice for this real estate… more importantly.. NONE of our competitors are doing this: we take their lunch money