Sales Copy Can Retard Ranking in Google

Closing a sale can only happen AFTER your website ranks in Google.

How many unique visitors are coming to your attorney website from Google now?

Worrying over sales copy ( or visual aesthetics ) are like folks are fretting over docking with the space station and the website isn’t even off of the gantry…you gotta get into orbit first

Domain Authority in Google’s eyes is being in orbit
if you’re not number one or two in Google, we don’t have a human audience ( yet )

if there is little or no traffic, organic traffic coming directly from prospective customers googling “child custody lawyers in corpus christi texas”

then fussing over the visual aesthetics, or stressing over branding or pushing for more effective sales copy is a waste of time

The battlefield is ranking in Google
unless and until that battle is won… no humans are ever going to see your Rembrandt of a website

Earning Domain Authority is blasting off the launch pad.
fussing over a website’s visual aesthetics is worrying about how we’re going to dock with the satellite… we ain’t even got off the launch pad and you’re worrying about WHAT?

Ignore a human audience 100% unless and until we earn domain authority

The goal is to get the algorithm to view us as THE AUTHORITY in our Genre IN OUR GEOGRAPHICAL AREA… the beauty of this is, all of our competitors are asleep at the switch

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