Performing In A Google Search Result

Performing Well in a Google Search Result is the SOLE REASON for bothering to have a website


Web designers want you to cut them a check…

Web designers are in the business of selling you a product.. that they think you’ll pay for

The product you’re willing to pay for isn’t necessarily going to provide the results you seek

Web designers mistakenly believe the intended audience is a HUMAN… ultimately you want humans to respond to your website by ordering a product or service.. BUT

If Google’s algorithm does not see YOUR website domain as THE authority in your genre.. humans aren’t likely to see your website at all.

Web designers are in no hurry for you to learn this… they want you to believe that if they redo your website to make it look prettier.. Google will “like it” more.

Old school marketers thinking is oriented in having a Media Spend drive traffic to a website… sadly they’re oblivious to the idea that it’s possible to orient the website’s content in such a way as to get it to display at or near the top of a given search query.

Web designers like to think their creation is a Rembrandt, the website is their canvas.. Graphic designers also think this way.. and ( partly ) this is true.. but timing is everything…

There’s little reason to make your website visually pleasing ( yet) … if it hasn’t earned Google Domain Authority.

The Page Rank Algorithm determines which website should rank #1, #2 and so on. Your website domain ( content) is being judged by artificial intelligence – no humans will get the chance to see your website if the algorithm does not see any valid reason for it to show you to folks searching for a divorce lawyer or a DWI lawyer.

A text heavy informational website will climb in rank in Google